A Timeless Classic

Ramafrique is a Ghanaian fashion brand that seeks to unite the world through African prints and patterns. Since 2013, we have sold 1000s of authentic African print bags and accessories and produced well branded handmade souvenirs for various corporate firms and event houses in Ghana and across West Africa at large. Ramafrique is not only the ace African print accessories hub in Ghana, we are also a production house,that believes your desired audience should be given the extra attention they deserve.


Our Pride and focus should be in our values as AFRICANS, embracing our culture, acknowledging our own arts, music, talents, keeping and archiving our important history. Ramafrique gives all of its customers a chance to represent Africa and display our rich culture even as natives of Ghana.


A clean environment starts from campaigns such as our RAMAPLAST initiative.This initiative aims at curbing then sanitation menace that destroys lives and the environment at large.Here,we reuse and recycle  plastic waste  into fashionable accessories. This initiative is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 , which is a call to help provide clean water and improve sanitation.

BE YOUR OWN AFRICAN and be part of the Ramafrique family.


No. B33, Kwashieman,N1 Street

Greater Accra,Ghana

Phone – +233553454011 /+233204828166

Email- info@ramafrique.com

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