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How do I return something to you?

Check the “ABOUT” Page and then contact us. We would gladly work with you to replace the product.

  • Items purchased at ramafrique.com can be refunded with a receipt or replaced within 15 days of purchase provided the faults found occurred during delivery or production.

+ How much will my bag hold?

Our bags come in many sizes with different capacities.Check the description for your preferred capacity.

What are your bags made of?

Our bags are available in a variety of materials including African print wax, polyester,top quality leather and/or polyvinyl chloride(PVC) Please refer to the Product Details page for a description of each item.

Are your bags easy to clean?

It is highly advisable to spot clean our bags when needed.Kindly refer to the blog post on the cleaning tips article for more details

Do the fabrics fade after a while?

African prints, like any other fabric can fade if proper care is not taken. Visit the blog for more details on how to keep the fabric.

What type of leather is used?

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