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About Us

Ramafrique is a Ghanaian fashion brand that uses fabric, African print and patterns to make Afrocentric bags and accessories.
We also do full leather bags or blend with a choice of fabric.
Both retail and options are available.

Our Social Responsibility

A brand that cares is a brand that gives back to society.
Ramafrique demonstrates this by attributing 5% of  it’s proceeds into our plastic upcycling project Ramaplast.

Ramaplast involves the collection , washing and sewing of water sachets into durable waterproof bags for vulnerable children, while empowering women through employment opportunities and skills training (Refer to blog post on Ramaplast.

We also source scrap leather ,use up cycled leather or durable faux leather that cause no harm to animals nor the environment

Both leather and plastic waste would have ended up in landfills causing illness, burnt resulting in air pollution or disposed off indiscriminately this choking water ways and leading to flooding.

This is our small contribution to making the world a better place to live.

Who we are

Our Story

Ramafrique was birth out of pure love between our founder and upcycling of products.

In past years, our founder, Miss Awurama Kena -Asiedu will bring life to any dying accessory by covering it with indigenous African print she sourced from her grandmother.

Little did she know her quest for refurbishing these lifeless accesories with be the foundation of a solid brand, Ramafrique.

With time she became known as “Rama who sells African stuff” and that’s when she coined the brand name RAMAFRIQUE.

Today ,Ramafrique produces top notch leather and fabric products from scratch, while empowering the youth through skills

“Be your own African “ is the focus of Ramafrique. We look forward to a society that embraces the African culture, art and history in their own elegant way.

Be your own African



Our hardware used in the production of our bags are highly durable and user friendly. Avoid any harsh manipulation of hardware and place bags in dust bags when not in use to avoid sharp objects from scratching it. Treat well for lifetime use.


Upcycled leather, leather scrapes and durable faux leather are our go to leather choices.


We source our fabric from local vendors mostly women. By so doing we provide good source Of income for these women. They are often excited that their fabric end up with users both locally and globally


Clients are allowed to bring in their desired fabric, hardware ,leather among others for production purposes . However, they must meet the required quality standard.

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