No matter how careful you are with your African print bag,once a while they need to be given a good bath.They deserve that fresh day sometimes.
So here comes Ramafrique to your rescue with 6 golden tips to maintain the crisp colour of the print while ensuring that all dirt and stains are removed
• Firstly empty all pockets- You wouldn’t want to get that receipt or calculator soaked with water in your quest to clean your African print bag. That can generate as much hate for your bag. Stay safe and remember to empty all pockets.You may want to turn the bag inside out to remove trash hidden in some corners of the bag.

• Soak for some few minutes in just clean water- Water has an awesome was of removing stains and dirt on fabrics. Its chemical component is neutral and that is just right for your print bag.

• Wash with mild soap- Now you can squeeze out the water and properly observe your bag. Stubborn stains that remain can be removed with mild soap, soft sponge or foam. Dip your sponge in your mild detergent solution and gently clean the stained areas. A home recipe that works like magic is salt. A few pints of salt in your solution and your fabric colour stays intact

• Rinse with clean water and gently wrung to remove excess water- This is to remove all traces of detergent in bag. Rinsing with starch has an added advantage as it gives it that polished look and enhances its lifespan

• Dry in COOL airy space- The direct sunlight might dry your bag under seconds and may damage its beauty that fast. Stick to cool areas

• Iron only the fabric part of the bag- Like any African print outfit you may own, you need to iron the fabric part of your bag to clear all wrinkles and give it that neat finishing.

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